Reunion Giving: Celebrating the Many




Reunion Giving: Celebrating the Many

When alumni come together to support the Institute, their gifts are magnified. This year, proud Tech graduates from 1968, 1978, and 1993 celebrated their milestone reunions by giving generously to provide new facilities, support scholarships and graduate fellowships, fund athletics, and to contribute much-needed Institute support. Whether supporting their schools or a particular scholarship, the construction of a building or funding an academic program, alumni gave generously and gladly.

50TH CLASS REUNION Class of 1968 $17,510,051

“For me, philanthropy had always been a personal action and a privilege. However, participating with my 50th Reunion Class made philanthropy a team effort and not just something personal. The interaction with fellow alumni — whether by emails, phone calls, or in-person meetings — led to special stories, memories, and renewed friendships. The sense of pride we have in our class and its history made reunion giving even more special to many of us.”


40TH CLASS REUNION Class of 1978 $27,707,292

“The reunion weekend turned out to be a fantastic time to reconnect with former classmates, celebrate the progress Tech has made in the past 40 years, and recognize the record financial contribution our class has made to the Institute. Tech contributed to the career success of the class of 1978, and it has been important for us to pay it forward and make Tech even better for future graduates. Helping Tech maintain its leadership position as a research university is satisfying and helps us all connect with the growth of the Institute.”


25TH CLASS REUNION Class of 1993 $2,700,000

“It was wonderful to be back on campus during Homecoming and Reunion Weekend and to be reminded of the amazing difference Tech makes in the world. It is a privilege to be able to give back to the Institute in a collective way. We look forward to the progress Tech will make in the next quarter century, and we are grateful to be a part of that.”