‘Forbes’ Ranks Georgia Tech on New Ivies List



Georgia Tech ranks second on Forbes’ Public Ivies list, underscoring the rising value employers are placing on specific universities and skills.

In a survey of nearly 300 Future of Work newsletter subscribers with direct hiring authority, 33% said they are less likely to hire Ivy League graduates than they were five years ago. Conversely, 42% of respondents indicated they are more likely to hire public university graduates than five years ago.

Hiring managers are increasingly turning to these 20 public and private institutions for graduates who are better prepared to enter the workforce. The survey showed that, over the past five years, employers see the New Ivies as the institutions doing the most to improve their students’ readiness.

“We have made a strategic effort to promote entrepreneurial experiences and experiential learning in our students,” said Georgia Tech President Ángel Cabrera. “It shows in our graduates. They are not just technically skilled, but ready to innovate, to craft new solutions, to lead and to collaborate in solving complex problems.”

To compile the lists, Forbes analyzed 2022 admissions data for 1,743 colleges with at least 4,000 students and an admission rate of 50% or below. The publication then surveyed the respondents about each institution.

A recent Bloomberg analysis recently revealed that Georgia Tech offers graduates the second-highest return on investment among public colleges. In 2023, the Princeton Review named the Institute the No. 1 best-value public university in the country.