Elizabeth D. and Thomas M. Holder Chair Established



Elizabeth D. and Thomas M. Holder Chair

While each college and school at Georgia Tech has benefited in its own unique way from the Campaign, the Ernest Scheller Jr. College of Business witnessed perhaps the greatest proportional surge in faculty growth during this period – as a direct result of private philanthropy.

That trend continued right up to the very end of Campaign Georgia Tech, and Elizabeth and Thomas M. Holder, IMGT 1979, are two of the many individuals who played a significant role in boosting faculty support in the business school. The Elizabeth D. and Thomas M. Holder Faculty Endowment Fund will give the Scheller College another crucial tool in attracting the best talent, retaining the brightest young faculty, and competing effectively against top-ranked business schools.

Holder is chairman and CEO of Holder Construction Company, which functions as a general contractor, construction manager, and designer/builder on a variety of projects, from corporate offices and data technology centers to hotels and schools.